About this kit

The Community-led Co-design Kit is an initiative out of the Inclusive Design Research Centre in Toronto, Canada. The project is funded by the Hewlett Foundation, for the Flexible Learning Open Education project. This is our first iteration of the kit, and there is much more content we’d like to add down the road.

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Making this kit

The learnings and insights in this kit have grown out of our experiences working with communities on projects such as Co-designing Inclusive Cities, Platform Co-op Development Kit, and Coding to Learn and Create. In addition our own projects, our ideas were also inspired by practitioners and advocates of disability justice, anti-oppression movements, and decolonialist research and design methodologies.

We were fortunate enough to have many people in our community share their feedback with us. While we weren’t able to address all of it in this first version, we will be incorporating it in future versions. See the to-do’s based on their feedback.

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Want to contribute?

Anyone can contribute to this kit. We welcome you to email us directly at idrc@ocadu.ca, or join our project chatroom via Matrix.

You can contribute in the following ways:

Contribute your co-design experience

  • Write a guide on a specific topic
  • Share an activity that you like to use
  • Share a tool that you’ve found useful
  • Write a case study about how you’ve done community-led co-design

Contribute your skills

  • Copywriting: help us get better at explaining complex concepts in simple and accessible language
  • Illustration: help us visually explain concepts
  • Multi-media: help us describe our content in alternative forms such as audio and video
  • Translation: help us translate our content to other languages, including sign languages like ASL and LSQ.

Give us feedback

  • Give us feedback on how to make this website more valuable, usable, or accessible.
  • Tell us how you’re using this kit - what’s helpful about it, and what could be improved.

If you don’t see a way in which you’d like to contribute on this list, please contact us and tell us what would work for you.

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Authors and editors

Dana Ayotte

Cheryl Li

Sepideh Shahi

Titania Veda

Colin Clark

Gloria Bernal


Georgia MacKenzie

Raheel Waqar

Lauren Benetua

Nadine Foik

Sarah Luca

Salonie Muralidhara Hiriyur

Emma Back

Titania Veda

Clarence Tam

Samira Matan

Jannis Hegenwald

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